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Helping people grow helps yourself grow

 Pom poms and megaphones; jumps and stunts. For the past nine years my high school’s cheerleading team has been a huge part of my life. When I was 19 my best friend Jenn and I took over the team and began coaching the best group of what would eventually be 50 girls we could ask for.

We started coaching so that we can help the team and the girls. We figured we’d teach them what we knew. Teach them how to be safe when stunting, tumbling and jumping. But in reality, they we the ones who taught us so much. We were there for them when they broke up with their first loves, their parents got divorced and when they were in fights with their friends. By teaching and helping them I never realized how much they could teach and help Jenn and I.

They taught me how to be patient, how to value a long friendship even when it’s getting hard and how to tressure small moments.

If I could give them one last speech it would be stick by your team. Don’t be the team that does well when they need to, be the team that always blows everyone else out of the water. Stick by your sisters, because your teammates will be the ones who will always be there for you no matter what, for years to come. And value any and all friendships that come your way because you can learn from everyone you stumble upon.

I wish the 10-11 Foran Cheerleading team all the best and I thank you for teaching me all you have in the past four years. Kick ass in your competitions and I hope I can be there watching you in the coaches box! Love love.

The Class L state runner up cheerleading squad 09-10


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A week full of ‘lasts’

My last day of work, the last TV night with my girl friends, the last time eating at the local diner, and last time driving around a town I’ve lived in my entire life. My last week in Connecticut has finally come after years of wanting to move and weeks of planning. Exactly one week from today I will be hoping on a plane with a one-way ticket to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA.

As I live my life this week it’s crazy to think that in a few days things that have been at my finger tips forever will not be there anymore. For one thing — and probably the thing I am most upset about — when I come home I will not have two mix bread dogs barking at me like I have for the past 10 years. On Sunday and Monday nights my best friend Amy won’t be able to come over when she gets out of work and bring me food from the restaurant we both have worked at for years. When I am bored I will not be able to drive down the street and and visit my friends Michelle, Katarina or Jenn. And most importantly, I won’t be able to kick my parents or brother or sister out of my room when they are being too loud.

My life in Milford, CT is far from bad. I have the best friends and the best family anyone could ask for but part of growing up is moving on and now it is my time to move on and start over.

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