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Celebrating my 23rd birthday with my mom, Marie, and sister, Michelle.

For the next week I am going to have some visitors from Milford in LaLaLand. My mom, Marie and my little sister, Michelle, will be in L.A.  

It’s my sisters first time in California so we will be doing a lot of sight-seeing. Hollywood, Disneyland, San Diego and Malibu. So I am going to be having a little staycation and probably not writing on this here blog too much. But once I am “back” I will have a lot of things to chat about. 

For now take a peek at my Twitter and see what we are up to and give me some ideas of where to bring them by commenting here.


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Ports O’ Call happy hour hoopla

Happy hour burger and calamari

The smell of a pig over the fire filled the patio of Ports o’ Call a few Thursday back as Patrick and I made our way through the hula skirt wearing waitresses to our seat along the water. The San Pedro restaurant was hosting their first Hawaiian happy hour night.

The tikki torches were lit, hibiscus flowers were placed on the tables and Beach Boys played in the background. But the atmosphere and service weren’t the only good part about the restaurant which overlooks Terminal Island.

With $4 beer, wine, cocktails and well drinks (which include Smirnoff, José Cuervo and Bacardi… my kind of well drinks) there is a cheap drink for everyone. And what goes better with a drink than a delish, half price, appetizer or burger.

Patrick got a cheese burger for the crazy price of $5 which tasted like it was char-broiled to perfection.  My fried calamari tasted like it was battered with some sort of coconut flavoring and was fried with fresh lemon slices in the oil. To add to the sweat fish dish I got a sweat Thai Red Pepper dipping sauce which really made the appetizer.

Not only were the appetizers and drinks at the right price, but because we were drinking happy hour drinks, we were invited to have their free “salad bar” in the lounge area. Okay, okay, not a true salad bar but the spread of veggies, cheeses, rice chips with hot cheese, and a rice dish really hit the spot.

So although the view of cranes and barges aren’t the most wonderful thing to look at, our find of Ports o’ Call down in San Pedro was pretty clutch and I do have to say we will be heading down there for another happy hour sometime soon. After all, we do have plenty of time to make a happy hour since it spans from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. every weekday.

Well I guess one thing we can say we would like changed for next time we head down the 405. Cheese on the burger please.

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Seals and sea lions seek aid at the Marine Mammal Care Center

“The Big Guy,” a 600 pound, blind seal.

Splashing that came from the inside of a group of pens could be seen from the top of a mountain in San Pedro, CA so we decided we had to investigate.

While searching for a giant model train set, Patrick and I stumbled upon the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacAurthur where they rehabilitate seals and sea lions and release them back into the wild.

This all volunteer group is home to sick and recovering California Sea Lions, Elephant Seals and more, including a 600 pound, blind seal.

Rolley, a volunteer, said that “The Big Guy” had been at the Center for a few months and within days it was planned for him to be transferred to Vallejo Aquarium. The seal can’t ever be released into the wild because he will not survive, Rolley said, who volunteers three days a week.

The volunteer workers deal with a wide range of medical conditions with the animals ranging from epileptic seizures, abandon babies and even a sea lion that would not eat.

Rolley explained that when abandoned animals come in, they generally don’t know how to feed themselves. That’s where the volunteers come in. They train the animals to eat on their own. In order to make sure they would be able to survive in the wild alone, the animals are tested before they are put back into the Pacific Ocean.

The sea lions are tested before being released.

During our visit we witnessed a group of five sea lions, all marked with their own pattern of colors on their foreheads get tossed a bucket of fish.


Four of the animals jumped right down into the bottom of their 3,500 gallon pool to get their feedings. One, however, kept his head at the top of the pool right by the edge waiting for someone to hand-feed him.

Rolley said he would most likely not be sent out into the wild at the same time as the rest of the sea lions.

To donate to the Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacAurthur or to learn more about becoming a volunteer at the center, you can visit their Website at or call them at 310-548-5677.

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Time to Scuba!




Hahaha, this is what we do in our spare time. Duff and Lindsay are taking a Scuba class at Hollywoodive and the day they got all of their gear I decided I wanted to see what I’d look like in full out scuba wear. If it wasn’t 100 degrees I would have put on a wet suit too.  


 They are off to Catalina next weekend to dive for 2 days off of the island. Hopefully I’ll be able to go along with them. And not look so rediculous!






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Accents in Connecticut?

Since I’ve gotten to California I have had one common conversation starter. A starter that I never in a million years would have thought would get people asking people where I am from.

According to, well everyone, I have an “east coast accent.” I don’t know. I have family in Delaware and a sister in Georgia and they talk funny. People in Boston, New Jersey and even New Yorkers, they talk funny. Connecticut? Not so much. We say our “r’s” unlike people from Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We know how to say “dog” and “coffee” unlike our neighbors to the south in New Jersey. But apparently when I say “Have a good day,” it sticks out like a sore thumb that I am yet another transplant to Los Angeles.

So I want to know what you think: Do people from Connecticut have accents? Answer on the poll below and comment on this post to let me know what words us Constatution-Staters say funny.

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Fun for free in Santa Monica

Thursday nights on Santa Monica pier means wine tastings, kettle corn and a free concert. Hundreds of people crowded the pier and the surrounding beach last night to listen to Australia Rocks the Pier. A stage was set up on the beginning of the pier where three Australian bands – Ben Lee, Brother, and Ry Cuming – play for about an hour each.

Percussion instruments and bagpipes could be heard from a block away and the sea of people on the sand was held under control by Santa Monica police perched high on their horses.

Each Thursdays, right under the rollercoaster is a wine tasting area. $15 buys five wine tastes and one full glass of wine and for just $8 could get you either the five wine tastings or a glass of wine. Wines from Spain, Australia, and France were featured at last night’s event including Yellowtail, Hob Nob and more exotic tastes from around the world.  

A gorgeous location with a beautiful view, good music and drinks. A nice way to have some fun for free in Santa Monica.

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Things to miss from home

I have so much at home that I am greatful. Things that I could never get not only in California but anywhere else I live. Here is a list of my top 5 things I will miss from Milford.

5. My Cheerleaders: For the past 4 years these ladies have be the one thing that I have always had. They have taught me so much and have grown themselves into wonderful young ladies. I love them all as if they were my own sisters and I will miss them all terribly. I can’t thank them, and their parents enough for all they have done for me in the past 4 years. Keep winning championships ladies.

The girls after they won their 5th NECA championship!
4. Milfy-summers: As a New England shore town, it’s safe to say things get a little drab during the winter. Icy roads, bare tree, not something to write home about. But once Memorial Day comes around (and lets face it, sometimes we have to wait until the 4th of July) Milford is a place where anything can happen. Beaches, boats, restaurants downtown and most memorable (and sometimes not memorable at all) the bars. This was a wonderful place to ]fall in love, fall out of love, learn from your mistakes and most of all just live and learn. Nothing could ever compare to this historical place I will always call home: Milford, CT.

Looking out over Milford’s own Charles Island.


3. My Brother, My World: For the past 8 years Michael and I have gone through our ups and downs. It’s safe to say that people never really knew what our relationship was at any given time. But one thing was for sure, we have been through just about EVERYTHING two friends could go through and no matter if we were hating each other, fighting or friends, we were always there for each other when we needed it the most. You have always been my rock and my biggest advocate for leaving home. Love love love.

Michael and I at a Baseball Party in June, 2009


 2. My girls: The four of you are the best friends anyone could ask for. We are the five most different people from our backgrounds, to our personalities, to our additudes but somehow we mesh better than I could ever ask for in best friends. You girls are like my family and most of all have shared the most memoriable moments in my life. No one will ever compare to any of you. We grew up together but we will never grow apart from each other, no matter where we are.

Our last Tiera Wednesday for my 23rd birthday.

1. My family: My parents and siblings are the most amazing people in the world and my best friends. No one has a family like mine. (And I mean no one because there is a lot of us =]) My parents, brothers and sisters, neices and nephews will never know how much I miss them when I am not with them. My aunts, uncles and cousins. It’s sad thinking about missing party after party without the people who mean the most to me.

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California camping

Just south of Summerville, CA off of the 101

I will be the first one to admit it. I am not a nature-loving type of girl. When my family is outside doing yard work, I am the one inside conveniently “not feeling good” and napping or suddenly I have to clean my room, which hadn’t been cleaned for weeks before hand. I don’t like bugs, or crawly animals and the idea of sleeping, eating and living in nature freaks me out.

When I was in high school and everyone would go camping, I wouldn’t. So clearly when my friend told me he would be going to Montana for a week to go fly fishing I couldn’t help but make a face. Fly fishing? For a week? Ew.

Then he explained. It would be camping, but with people who carried the supplies, set up a shower and tents, and even a chef to do the cooking. He wouldn’t be eating the fish he caught; instead he would get buffalo and other freshly made meals each day.

Although, I clearly wouldn’t be camping anytime soon, I couldn’t help but think: well that’s not really camping then is it?

Then last weekend I decided to take a drive up the 101 and head to Santa Barbara. On the way home I pulled off of the freeway and took PCH part of the way home. To the right were beach houses, the Pacific Ocean and miles and miles of RVs.

Intrigued by this little town of campers I pulled over. There, in between one of California’s longest freeways and the open ocean was hundreds of families and friends cooking, playing and “camping” outside of their RVs on the soft California sand.

So is this camping now in 2010? Or is this California camping?

Campers line the Pacific Ocean along train tracks

Today when I picked up Sunset magazine I saw an article about a husband and wife who just bought a RV and went camping along PCH. They talked about their kitchen, shower, running water, and floor-to-ceiling drawers. Now that’s something I can handle.

But for me camping will always be tents, fire over sticks and logs, sleeping on the floor, and sitting on logs. Maybe it’s the New England in me.

 Nothing I want to take a part in anytime soon but maybe this whole California camping thing will be something I may try sometime. Maybe.

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A familiar rainfall in a strange place

Yesterday was day number 40 in Los Angeles; day number one of seeing the sky open up and rain falling from it, while the sun was shining bright.

I noticed the rainbow first as I drove up the hill on the 101 from Camarillo. Then little, beautiful raindrops fell onto my windshield. A little piece of home was right there with me in L.A.

In the past 40 days I have spoken with my friends and family at home on multiple occasions when they have told me what bad rain they have been getting in the north east. Not unusual for summers in Connecticut. Definitely one of the perks of moving out here: an average under 20 days of rain a year.

Now I’m not saying I miss the rain at all, but it was good to see something familiar in such a strange place. But one thing’s for sure. The brake lights that immediately started shining was not something you’d see on I-95.

Hard to see but there’s a rainbow out there.

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First earthquake today. Oooh gesh.

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