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Just get a burger already!

Photo Courtesy: Santa Barbara Brewing Company's Facebook

A few months back on a Saturday I drove up the 101 to Santa Barbara. As I hit State St. in Old Town Santa Barbara and drove down the restaurant and shop lined street, I couldn’t help but stop and grab a bite to eat.

Being a complete lover of bar food and every sort of appetizers I decided to try the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. Their menu was full of an assortment of wraps, burgers, and sandwiches and even full meals like seafood, steak and chicken dishes.

I chose a grilled shrimp salad. It was a huge salad of mixed greens, veggies and tons of small shrimp covering the dish. It was topped with homemade brew crotons and mozzarella cheese with a creamy balsamic dressing. I am actually having heart-burn as I type this just thinking back.

The salad was delish but with the heavy, creamy dressing and massive amount of mozzarella cheese, it was definitely not so good for the cholesterol.

Of course I couldn’t go to a brewing company without trying their beer. I will be the first to admit it, I am no pro beer drinker so I picked the lightest beer they made: Santa Barbara Blonde and let me tell you it was no Mic Ultra. It was a very wheat flavored light beer, not bad, but I couldn’t finish it. It made me think of the new Wheat Bud Light… Not my favorite of beers.

Overall, I really did like the Santa Barbara Brewing Company. I liked the brew house atmosphere and it reminded me of SBC back at home. Next time I think I would go all out and just get a burger or sandwich instead of trying to be “healthy.” Let’s face it: all that cheese and dressing wasn’t the most low fattening thing on the menu.


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Finally starting to get settled

Well I am finally here. For the past few weeks I have been crazy busy but now I am all moved into my new apartment (minus a couch). I picked out a new bed, bought a TV, rented a refrigerator and decorated my entire place all alone.

Thankfully for Patrick he helped me put together some of my IKEA tables and hang up some pictures. And definitely thank you to my mom who sent me a care package of all of her favorite kitchen supplies. It really is the little things that make it really feel like home like having the same steak knives we have at my house in Conn.

So now all that’s left is some patio furniture, maybe a little kitchen table and of course, a couch!

Below are some pictures of my new place decorated.

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A carpeted room

A carpeted room, a new tiled kitchen and two closets. That’s what makes up my new home. Now the hard part: making this room a home.

Decorating an entire house has got to be hard, but I think that decorating a 600 square foot room is probably a little harder. With the white walls and white kitchen I thought I’d go with a nice clean black for the rest of the furniture and appliances. That is before I realized that my bedspread is blue and brown! Yes brown! You can’t mix black and brown! Can you?

Somehow I have to find out a way to separate this one room into a living room and bedroom, so the colors don’t clash of course. I was thinking a curtain down the middle, but that may be too tacky and college-like. And then there was an idea from Amy to get the room dividers you see in a lot of Asian restaurants. But will that take up too much room?

So with a  little help from the internet, IKEA catalogues and my friends and family in CT via Skype my project for the next week or so will be somehow making this room my new home, and not just a big, empty, carpeted room.

Any ideas?

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