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Edemame and salad

After working at a Thai restaurant for four years I have tried all types of Asian foods. Sushi and Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Laos. One thing I have always been interested in was Korean and Japanese BBQs and it is also something that Los Angeles is packed with.

A few weeks back Patrick, Shay and I went to Gyu-Kaku in Sherman Oaks for their lunch-time happy hour, a Japanese BBQ with locations all around the city, New York, Hawaii and Chicago.

The dark wood exterior sets the tone for the rest of the restaurant. The inside of the dining room is very dark yet welcoming. There are the options to sit in booths or tables all of which have grills on the tops on them to grill your food on.

My meat before it was cooked

For the happy hour, you order based on your main meal. Chicken, beef, shrimp, filet, or pork.  Once your meal is ordered you get your appetizer, a small bowl of edemame, miso soup, a small salad with a light mustard dressing and veggies.

The edemame and salad were both great but for my first time trying miso soup, I wasn’t impressed. I have had seaweed before in sushi, but the broth just wasn’t very tasty. Once we finished our apps, soup and salads our meats came out and we began grilling.

The main course wasn’t that big, five or six pieces each, but for such a cheap price and a good amount of rice that came with it, the meat was enough for lunch. Shay got chicken, Patrick got beef and I got sirloin, and because I’m obsessed with fish I also ordered bacon wrapped scallops from the regular menu.

All of the meat was so good. Shay’s chicken came marinated and Patrick dipped his meat in their teriyaki sauce before cooking it to flavor it a little. However, when it came to my bacon wrapped scallops, I was not impressed. Maybe it’s because I’ve never cooked them before, but shouldn’t it be kind of easy?

On the grill, almost done.

My bacon cooked quickly and the scallops took forever causing the bacon to burn. Not so great. I actually ended up taking the bacon off of the scallops and eating them separately.

A cool, private, fun and sexy place to go as a group or on a date. Defiantly a fabulous conversation starter for a first date.  Check out Gyu-Kaku’s Website to see what looks good for you.


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