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I’ll have a Calamari Martini please


Michelle, Katarina, Katy, Patrick, Shay and I with all of our food at Paradise Cove.

From the first week I was in L.A. I was told I just have to try Paradise Cove in Malibu: the best brunch in L.A. And while I didn’t go for brunch, I do have to say their lunch had a great first impression on me. While my friends were visiting last month from Connecticut, we decided late lunch in Malibu would be a great way to spend a Saturday and with six of us, there was plenty of food for us all to try.


While walking through the outside patio (which is covered in sand by the way) to get to our table inside we each couldn’t help but notice most tables have the same appetizer in the middle. A massive martini glass full of fried calamari and lemons on the edge. The presentation sold us. We had to order it.

Calamari martini glass app.

Now calamari is a hard food to master. It can sometimes be too chewy, too much batter or even not enough. The calamari at Paradise Cove was absolutely delicious. The perfect amount of batter on a good amount of fish laying on top of a bed of French Fries. Although the food was great, the sauce it was served with wasn’t too wonderful. A little too “ketchupy” and not enough tomato sauce.

Some other options we chose to try were the New England Clam Chowder, seafood sandwich, and nachos. Everything was really good and best of all, not too pricey.

Most sandwich meals were around $15. The most expensive meals were the seafood meals costing near $30. Not too bad for an amazing meal on the beach in Malibu.


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