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The Lone Ranger in Lancaster, CA

I remember being young and my step dad driving over the bumps on the side of the road to wake us up while driving home from my grandmother’s house. The rumble strip is actually placed there to warn drivers who are leaving the road whether it’s because of poor driving conditions or to wake up the driver.

It’s always the same annoying, vibrating noise. But Honda created a special version of a rumble strip in Lancaster, CA, a desert town north-east of Los Angeles. The lane-wide rumble strip plays the Lone Ranger theme song.

Because of the noise – and the increased traffic – news reports said that the rumble strip was paved over and then moved to a more remote part of town.

On our way home from Vegas a few weeks ago we couldn’t help but take a little detour and drive over the rumble strip ourselves. Below is the video Honda made of their creation.


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