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Awards season round up

With awards season in full swing Patrick, Shay and I have been in full movie mode. Watching all of the films Patrick’s mother receives from the Screen Actor’s Guild I couldn’t help but fall in love with some of the movies from 2010. Here is my top  5 list.

1.  Black Swan: Natalie Portman did an absolutely amazing job portraying innocent Nina, a dedicated ballerina who lets her role take over her life and state of mind. The storyline keeps you on your toes with their “did that just happen” parts and constant shock factors.

2. The Town: Jeremy Renner steals the show with his bad boy style. You never know what is going to happen when he is in a scene. Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall have great chemistry together and you truly feel her fall in love with him and her hurt when she finds out exactly who Affleck’s character really is.

3. The Social Network: The awkwardness of the real Mark Zuckerberg is accurately portrayed by quirky Jesse Eisenberg. Eisenberg and the rest of the cast show the growth of our generation through the birth of social media.

4.  King’s Speech: The struggles and the pressures of a new king with a speech impediment at the start of the technology boom is shown through Colin Firth’s representation of King George VI. The weird angles and with too much head room and low shots give the film a documentary feel.

5. The Kids are All Right: This lesbian couple going through a little midlife crisis struggle to hold their family of two children together while dealing with a power struggle, infidelity and the fears of growing apart while their children grow more and more independent.


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