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Not following the trends: The Oscars

The grand finale of awards season and award’s fashion didn’t impress like years before. There were no Million Dollar Baby dresses or crazy cut out dresses like Halle Berry has worn in past years. Instead the trend was simple lines, simple textures and simple colors. All of which were broken by some, but not all of which were good calls.

Best dressed for the evening for me goes hands down to Mila Kunis who broke the simple texture trend for the evening. She looked gorgeous in her Elie Saab lavender dress with lace. The dress was form-fitting where it counts and flowed gorgeous at the bottom. I couldn’t help but think this presenter stole the red carpet from the beginning as she was one of the first guests to arrive.

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The colors for the evening were simple. A lot of nudes, whites, creams, and blacks; and in came Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer’s stunning tangerine Atelier Versace made her absolutely glow and showed off her new and improved figure. I think that this color, although a risk and big no-no for people of my pale and pasty skin tone, looked absolutely fabulous on her dark skin. Plain and simple: she looked beautiful.

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And then there was one. Nicole Kidman is one of the most beautiful people in the world. Unfortunately I can’t always say the same for her fashion choices. Her far from simple silhouette of her Christian Dior dress was absolutely terrible. The white is again a color us pale ladies need to stay far away from because we just blend right in. However her simple ponytail was perfect and simple and brought out her natural beauty but unfortunately the extra fins around her waist took all of that away since all anyone could pay attention to was her hips.

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