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Real Housewives Real Round Up

Last night on Bravo’s original Real Housewives, the Orange County ladies all faced some sort of fear that was bothering them. Tamera and Vicki, the self proclaimed leaders of the group, took a much needed girls vacation alone to help heal their friendship. A friendship that took a complete 360 in the past year: from best friends, worst enemies and now working its way back to friends. Last season Tamera was in a rocky place in her diminishing marriage so in order to try to salvage the relationship she decided to side with her now ex-husband Simon rather than her friend Vicki who truly was there for her. But Vicki isn’t one to let it go. On their trip to Cabo last night it seems like Vicki really does want to move on but she sure as hell isn’t going to let Tamera forget how she treated her last year. Vicki told everyone and anyone that Tamera owes her and that she ruined their friendship and is now trying to “court” Vicki again. Really Vicki? Court you?

Back in the OC, Gretchen meets with her father regarding her relationship with housewife hunter, and her boyfriend, Slade. Gretchen’s dad can’t help but be a little uneasy about his daughter’s relationship with the unemployed, divorced father of two. Slade, who has dated one other housewife and rumored to have a relationship with another, is pushing towards making Gretchen his wife but she doesn’t seem to have the same want and need to get married. Gretchen, also a divorce, does want to start a family with her boyfriend of a year and a half but I don’t see the season ending with a wedding.

The newest housewife, Peggy, really let us see the real her in last night’s third episode of the season. The gun shooting, blonde, Orange County native and mother to two toddler girls admitted to the cameras last night that she has been suffering from postpartum depression since the birth of her oldest daughter two years ago. She explained, in tears, that after London and Capri (world travelers much?) were each born she felt as if all she could do was stay in bed. She admitted that she at times even wanted to kill herself and was thankful that her thoughts were only towards herself and not to hurt anyone else. The postpartum affects Peggy so much that when Capri, the younger of the two girls, cut her finger on plastic she forced her husband to take the baby to the hospital in case she needed stitches. We as viewers saw the extent of Peggy’s anxiety.

And then there was “queen” Alexis who, well let’s face it, had a less than boring segment showing off her dress line. Uhg, just another housewife who thinks she can be a designer because she has money. Over it.

Next week we get to see Tamera brush up to (literally) with her new lesbian friend and trainer for a Prop 8 photo, Gretchen commit a crime and probably Alexis dote on her husband and God a little more. ‘Til next week.


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