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The Other Family

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The story of a modern relationship and a family secret set in England shows how many families have adapted to modern times. Joanna Trollope’s the Other Family is a story about Richie Rossiter and his family.

Richie met the mother of his three daughters when he was in his early forties and she was twenty three. At the time he was a small-time pianist from North Shores, England and she was a city girl from London. Chrissie was young and exciting and Richie was married to his childhood sweetheart with a teenage son. Chrissie promised Richie a life of fame and fortune with her leading the way as his manager. So he left his wife, who was also his manager at the time, and moved south for a new life.

Twenty five years later, Richie and Chrissie have three grown daughters themselves who have all always believed their family is “normal.” But when Richie dies suddenly the Rossiter girls — Tamsin, Dilly and Amy – learn their parents not only have never been married, but Richie is actually still married to his first wife Margaret who lives up north with their son Scott.

This is an amazing story about not one, but two families getting over the death of a father, husband and homemaker. It’s a story of two families bonding and becoming the one family they always should have been. And the Other Family is the story of breaking the stereotypes of normalcy and a family creating their own “normal” and happiness.


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