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Two weeks full of drama in the OC: My Housewives Roundup

Last week Alexis had a botox, massage party where she invited all of the girls. Tamara took advantage of the event to make a dig at Gretchen and bring mace to keep away “animals” such as her fellow housewife. This week we find out that after the party Alexis let Tamera know how she felt about the joke, and she wasn’t happy about it. Drama, drama.

To add to the drama Frenanda, the newest, Brazilian, lesbian housewife celebrated her new citizenship by throwing herself a party with her lesbian friends. Tamera, who is Fernanda’s in into the group, was supposed to attend the party but last minute had to bail because she was moving. Fernanda made it appoint to make a small comment to her about it at Alexis’s party where Tamera saw a perfect opportunity to throw a pitty party for herself. “Do you even know what I’m going through right now!!?”

Obviously it’s not that terrible because Tamera and Eddie have time to head to Spain together this week. Yeah, yeah, they’re in love we get it. Now back to the Orange County.

In the past two weeks Vicki has made more of an attempt to spend time with her adult family but both times pushed the family to pick on her. Family drama. Her children, Michael and Briana, and husband, Donn, told Vicki that she isn’t spending enough time at home. It seemed like they were blaming her for the family growing apart where Vicki was trying to blame everyone else’s lives. Even on a nice boat ride through Newport Beach she seems to make it all about work chatting it up with Michael’s best friend, who just so happens to be one of her workers.

A season of the OC Housewives wouldn’t be complete without some plastic surgery and in this week’s episode we see Peggy have some boobie drama. After getting her breasts re-done Alexis does the housewife thing and brings her over some food for the week. But the meeting wouldn’t be TV worthy without Alexis making jabs about Peggy’s surgery. “She should have gone to my doctor,” Alexis said in her commentary.

I guess really the least amount of drama in the past two weeks was Gretchen and Slade. Oh the irony. In celebration of Gretchen’s parent’s 40th wedding anniversary (Orange County love) the couple planned a special weekend to surprise her parents. They took a drive in her mother’s first car to the church they were married in where Slade had set up Gretchen’s mother’s wedding dress and pictures from their wedding. From there Gretchen’s mom and dad took a limo ride to their favorite winery, and where they got all dolled up in a new dress and tux and renewed their vows. The most emotional parts of the entire weekend was first when they saw that the minister who originally wed them 40 years ago would be doing the renewal ceremony and next when her mother saw the gift Gretchen and her father had gotten her. Her first upgraded ring their entire marriage. A 4-caret diamond from her tiny ruby she normally had on her left hand ring finger.

The weeding was by far my favorite part of the show in the past two weeks. Next week the drama continues when Tamera and Alexis continue the fight about the mace.


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