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Sex before the City

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After six television seasons, a book and two movies, what do we really know about Carrie Bradshaw? Where is her family? Where did she grow up? Was Mr. Big her first real love? Who was she before Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda?

In Candace Bushnell’s prequel to the admired Sex in the City series, the Carrie Diaries, tells us about Carrie Bradshaw before New York City. Before the cosmos, the sex columns and the men Carrie was a not-so-popular, small town girl from Connecticut with three sisters and a dad. Little did we know during the show that Carrie’s mother died when she was a teenager, but her mother was actually her style icon. Always wearing her mother’s hammy-down dresses, hats and bags, Carrie wasn’t like the rest of the kids in her high school.

She longed for the City life. After a failed attempted into the New School’s summer writing program for the summer before her senior year Carrie was discouraged about life as a writer. She didn’t join the school newspaper and spent her senior year with her first real boyfriend, bad-boy Sebastian Kydd.

Through the couples ups and downs Carrie’s desire to write was only clear to her friend George. George was a college student Carrie met at Brown during a visit to her father’s alma mater (he was set on having his daughters follow in his footsteps and become a scientist also). George pushed Carrie to do what she wants and go where she wants to go.

And where she wanted to go was away from fictional Castlebury, Conn. and her high school enemies. The Mouse, Maggie, Walt, Peter and Lali had been friends with Carrie forever, and have all had the same enemies since grade school. But Carrie knew she would be the one to get out of Castlebury and start over, unlike the popular clique boys and girls Carrie and her friend’s hated.

As we all know, Carrie does make it to New York City and the book even ends with a cameo from one of our friends we have come to know and love. Possibly it’s a seek peak at Bushnell’s new book coming out this month, Summer in the City. Definitely a hard cover read.


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